How to Size Photos for Your Company Website

(Ping! Zine Web Tech Magazine) – A great website includes a lot of great visuals to accompany the information. The more visually pleasing a business website is, the better experience customers often have. For example, high-quality product photography and other graphics are a great way to win over new customers. From a marketing standpoint, you probably know that if you want to make prints of photography, such as posters and brochures, a high resolution copy of your image is very important. However, this is slightly different if the photos are intended solely for use on the company website. In this case, a higher resolution is not necessarily better. Most computer screens have a resolution of 1024×1280 pixels or less.

Therefore, it is not useful for your audience to design a website that is larger than those typical screen sizes. A width of about 980 pixels should be your goal when designing a business website. With the maximum width of the entire website being established, you can get a sense of just how small your website images should be when compared to printing them on physical marketing materials. Images for the Web need to be sized and cropped to fit appropriately on the page, and the smaller file size also helps the website load faster.

How to create the best possible images

If you are photographing the image yourself, you can shoot the photo in a high resolution as usual, since you may want to use it for printed materials as well. From there, you want to open the digital image in an editing software tool such as Adobe Photoshop. In most photo-editing software there should be an option for re-sizing and cropping images to a specific pixel size. If you have a plan for your website’s layout already, it should be fairly easy to create images at any size you need them.

Again, images designed for the Web do not need a resolution as they would for printed materials. Where a brochure photo, for instance, would need a resolution of 300 dpi, a web image only needs to be around 72 or 96 dpi, typically.

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