How Web Hosting with BlueZone Benefits Your Business

(Ping! Zine Web Hosting Magazine) – Terminal emulators are an important tool, but many of them are outdated and expensive. If you are looking into your options for replacing your current terminal emulation, BlueZone may be just the solution you need.

BlueZone’s web to host terminal emulation provides benefits right from the beginning. Whether you need to ensure better access for your business partners, or are trying to clean up overloaded system resources, our terminal emulation software has you covered. This software has a small footprint, and is much thinner that other emulators you may have tried. Downloads, installation, and storage are optimized, with some users even having installation downloads as small as 2.5 MB when choosing the browser-based option.

Fast and Flexible

BlueZone terminal emulation also provides fast terminal configuration, and eliminates the time-consuming method of having to configure every user’s computer. Instead, each user simply clicks a link for the configuration file. This results in an automatic download of the fully configured client. This is the same process used whenever you need to add more users.

BlueZone Terminal emulation also provides unbeatable flexibility by allowing you to opt for desktop or Internet products, and switch from one to other when you like – without requiring the purchase of separate licenses. Deployment is also possible without the need for additional software or hardware purchases. Instead, with web to host, any server can be used for full deployment.

Enhanced Security

BlueZone terminal emulation also protects your organization’s sensitive information as soon as you begin using it. With Secure Sockets Layer (both TLS v1.0 and v3.0), authentication, and the addition of Secure FTP, high-level security is always at the forefront of your communications. For those who have not already added SSL support to their server, we also include the option to add BlueZone Security Server. This simple addition will provide safer file transfer and display through SSL encryption. It even provides printer emulation, without requiring you to pay additional fees for an upgrade.

When you choose BlueZone, you are choosing terminal emulation that is lighter, provides faster installation, launch, download, and response times, all with a minimal footprint that is more economical than other options available. If you are ready to find out just how BlueZone can work for your organization, contact us today, or try our live demo and free trial to see how everything works.