HP Chromebook 11 Review: Google’s Stylish Winner

HP Chromebook 11 Review: Google May Have Stylish Winner

Source: Google

(Ping! Zine Web Tech Magazine) – With its iPhone 5C, Apple isn’t the only company going for a colorful strategy. Google in partnership with manufacturer HP recently unveiled the Chromebook 11, a stylish new device which retails for the very affordable price of just $279.


Color option accents enhance the device’s aesthetic (choose from Google colors like blue, red, yellow and green). Also, with the HP Chromebook 11, we’re reminded of the beauty that drew consumers in droves to purchase Apple’s white MacBook just a few years back.

The mix of a smooth and shiny glossy white plastic finish and a display that’s highlighted by a black frame really make the Chromebook 11 a winner in terms beauty. Aside from white, you can also get the computer in a black casing finish (we expect that most consumers will go with the white option).

You’re probably familiar with the Apple logos that light up on the back of MacBook laptop displays. Well, Google and HP have delivered something that’s just as cool; although quite a bit smaller, a colorful bar appears to light up when the laptop display is open. This is the same design feature present in the much higher end Chromebook Pixel unveiled by Google back in February.

If you’re carrying the HP Chromebook 11, you’ll find that it weighs 2.3 pounds and feels relatively sturdy thanks to an internal magnesium frame


The HP Chromebook 11 arrives with 2GB DDRL3L SDRAM along with a Samsung Exynos processor with 16GB flash memory. The new Chromebook’s largest improvement is its display (much better compared to previous models). And while it’ll never live up to the Chromebook Pixel, its new 176-degree viewing angles make it a winner in the arena of low-end devices (it’s also much brighter).

In terms of audio, you won’t be able to spot the speakers; they’re installed internally under the keyboard. They work okay but don’t deliver as much bass as we’d like: A problem that’s actually persistent in many other laptops.

Another one of the HP Chromebook 11’s most defining feature is how it charges. It does so through a micro-USB charger (which is pretty darn cool) and battery life clocks in somewhere between 4 to 5 plus hours.


Like any Chromebook, HP’s new device comes pre-installed with Chrome OS. The cloud-based operating system comes packed with Google apps and Gmail, YouTube, Google Docs and much more. HP and Google are also enticing consumers to buy the Chromebook 11 with a 60-day free trial of Google Play Music All Access and 100GB of free Google Drive cloud storage. Of course, however, one downfall is that Chrome OS remains relatively young and still lacking in apps. One good thing is that we expect that pace to be picked up in the near future.


HP Chromebook 11 is an awesome buy for its low price. It’s beautiful and has decent performance. And while Chrome OS isn’t for everyone just yet, if you’re a laptop user who finds yourself doing 90% of your computer activity online via the browser, Chromebook 11 may be right up your alley. It’s also a good alternative to the emerging tablet market if you’re not a big fan of having to use touchscreen for everything. We fully anticipate that this lovely device will be a pretty good seller heading into the holiday season.