HP’s Enyo Team Lured Away by Google

(Ping! Zine Web Tech Magazine) – Reports claim that members of HP’s Enyo webOS Enyo team is fleeing the company and joining Google, just months after making the apps framework open-source.

On Thursday night, The Verge claimed that Google has hired key members of HP’s Enyo team. One of the key members leaving is the team leader Matt McNulty.

Enyo is an open source object-oriented JavaScript framework emphasizing encapsulation and modularity allowing the creation of mobile or web applications.

Google has been hiring members of the team one-by-one, leaving many to wonder what the company is up to, since there have been no reports that the search giant is interested in webOS development.

Some speculate that web applications built on Enyo could be redeveloped by the team for use in future versions of Chrome and Chrome OS.

Being that Enyo is now open-source, Google will be able to do whatever it wishes with the software. Only the future will provide us with answers.