HTC First Arrives Friday for $99 at AT&T

source: HTC

(Ping! Zine Web Tech Magazine) – Are you ready for Facebook to dominate your mobile device? If not, you’re probably not interested in buying the HTC First – becoming available this Friday with AT&T.

The offering features new interface Facebook Home – providing users with friend status updates straight to their home screens (called “Cover Feed”).

Also in the mix is chit chatting made available with Chat Heads and Messenger. This way, you can move on to other apps all while still receiving chat notifications.

And lastly, the Facebook-centric interface features its own app launcher – something that allows the user to drag and drop their favorite apps into place.

The HTC First’s price is set at $99.99 with a two new year contract at AT&T.

Despite high anticipation surrounding Facebook’s announcement, according to PC Advisor, a survey showed just 31% of people were interested in a Facebook phone while 56% were not. And while the majority of people may not want one, we’re still betting that 31% is plenty enough to help the device sell well in a market currently dominated by the iPhone and  Samsung Galaxy S3.