Humble Indie Bundle 8 Features Seven Games

excitedgamers(Ping! Zine Web Tech Magazine) – Pay-what-you want provider Humble Bundle recently unveiled its latest offering: The Humble Indie Bundle 8 which features games like Hotline Miami, Proteus, Little Inferno, Awesomenauts, Capsized, Thomas Was Alone and Dear Esther.

With a little over 12 days remaining, the release has already sold more than 238,000 copies.

“Humble Indie Bundle 8 features seven incredible indie games that will keep you enthralled for hours on end. Pay what you want and get the immersive first-person narrative adventure Dear Esther; the extraterrestrial action platformer Capsized; the colorful and cartoonish multiplayer action platformer Awesomenauts; the endearing minimalist puzzle-platformer Thomas Was Alone; and the witty and charming sandbox puzzler Little Inferno. If you pay over the average, you’ll also receive the gory fast-paced top-down action game Hotline Miami and the audio-visual exploration and discovery game Proteus,” noted the company via its website.

Humble Bundle is popular for allowing gamers to pay what they want and direct the funds towards choices such as charities, game developers and Humble Bundle.

Compatibility for the games is available for Mac, Windows and Linux. As of now, Humble Indie Bundle 8 has generated over $1 million in sales.