Hunter Class Information Released For Upcoming Sci-Fi Game, ‘Evolve’

Hunter Class Information Released For Upcoming Sci-Fi Game, 'Evolve'(Ping! Zine Web Tech Magazine) – Game information has begun to surface over the last week for Turtle Rock’s upcoming sci-fi, multiplayer shooter game, Evolve. 

Game Infomer has released four of the classes for the new game, which can be found below:

The first class introduced is the Assault class, with a character named Markov whose job is to “inflict as much damage as possible.”

Markov is equipped with a large pool of health and two large weapons, a lightning gun an assault rifle.

All Assault class members are equipped with personal shields that provide “a brief respite from enemy damage.”

The next character released was Griffin the Trapper, who is all about the hunt, detecting and capturing enemies.

Griffin carries a harpoon gun, once a missile is fired; an energy current attached onto him that prevents monsters from escaping.

The most useful tool for Trappers is the mobile arena, a class ability that creates a dome force field that prevents foes and friends from leaving the area.

“The mobile arena, coupled with the harpoon gun, makes Griffin a master of controlling the ebb and flow of combat.”

Next is Hank, a member of the Support class, whose abilities “center on maximizing the amount of destruction that his squadmates deliver and increasing their survivability.”

Hank is armed with a shield gun that allows him to blast his teammates with an invulnerable energy that gives them temporary relief.

Like all Support class members, Hank has a cloaking device that provides invisibility to him and all nearby allies for a short period of time.

Finally Val the Medic was released, a character that is capable of more than just healing.

Val is supplied with a Medgun, fired healing beams that heals from a distance, a anti-materiel rifle, used expose monsters weak spots, and a tranquilizer rifle that briefly slows down monsters movements.

All member of the Medic class are equipped with the healing burst ability, which “provides teammates within a small radius with a large and instantaneous health boost.”

Evolve was made available for pre-order on January 14th,with a scheduled release in the third quarter of 2014 for PS, PS4, and Xbox One users.