Hurricane Hit Instagram in a Big Way: 800K Sandy Hashtags

(Ping! Zine Web Tech Magazine) – 800 thousand photos appearing on picture sharing app Instagram were labeled with the hashtag #Sandy, according to company CEO Kevin Sysytrom who spoke at GigaOM’s Roadmap conference.

While the storm devastated the U.S. coastal regions, users took to the application to photograph the Sandy’s effect.

According to GigaOM’s report, the executive called the storm “a really interesting event” for his company.

“People are taking their cell phones and capturing everything,” the CEO continued.

Systrom, meanwhile, speculated even more pictures not containing the hashtag were taken. “If nearly 1 million photos were tagged with Sandy, imagine how many were taken on the East Coast?” he remarked.

As technology has progressed in recent years, people have increasingly taken to social networks to share big news content through citizen-geared journalism. GigaOM’s Roadmap conference is currently ongoing in San Francisco, California.