HyperShop Utilizes Zopim Live Chat Bar

(Ping! Zine) – HyperShop.com sells some of the most popular gadgets on the market right now. Their HyperMac external batteries for MacBooks, iPads and iPhones are extremely popular with Apple users worldwide and are widely acclaimed in the media. In Zopim Live Chat, HyperShop has found the perfect solution to offer their customers optimum online sales experience and instant customer support.

HyperShop customer support agents use Zopim Live Chat to assist customers during the sales process as well as providing after-sales support. Visitors to HyperShop.com can easily use the online chat window to send a quick message to HyperShop agents. The chat window is integrated seamlessly into HyperShop.com website and has a quick response time with absolutely no pop-ups or software to install.

With Zopim Live Chat, HyperShop agents are able to see the number of visitors on their site in real time with insightful information like which country they are from, how long they have been on the site and the exact URL they are currently at. HyperShop agents can quickly respond to customers even on the go with mobile phones and popular instant messaging clients like MSN, Yahoo, AIM and GoogleTalk. Zopim is a simple and effective live chat solution for online businesses like HyperShop to quickly and easily engage and support customers. Zopim is browser based and can be deployed on websites in seconds with no software installation required.

The HyperShop team was immediately impressed with the ease of use of Zopim Live Chat solution. “Zopim meets our needs, is incredibly easy to use, and our customers love it,” said Daniel Chin, President of Sanho Corporation, the parent of HyperShop.com and HyperMac. Chin was further impressed when support phone calls soon fell by half after deploying Zopim and time to respond to customer enquires were significantly reduced. “Most of the time, customers have simple queries that can be answered with a one line response,” Chin reveals. “It’s so much easier and faster for our customers to get answers via live chat than making a phone call, especially for technical products like ours, when the solution is clearer in written text than in spoken words,” added Chin.

HyperShop had previously tried other live chat offerings, but found the products to be slow, cumbersome and confusing to use. “There was a more expensive product that I originally subscribed to, but we had such a hard time figuring how to use it that we gave up after 2 months. Zopim Live Chat is intuitive to use, not only for our agents but also for our customers themselves. Our customers love the instant live chat support we are providing and we have Zopim to thank for,” concluded Chin.

Zopim has various Live Chat product packages ranging from absolutely FREE to $9/month to $99/month to cater to the businesses of all sizes. For more information about Zopim Live Chat products, visit http://www.zopim.com