i2Coalition Applauds House Passage of Judicial Redress Act

(Ping! Zine Web Hosting Magazine) – Act Will Help Restore Global Confidence in the U.S. Internet Infrastructure Sector.

The following may be attributed to David Snead, Co-Founder and Public Policy Chair of the i2Coalition:

“On behalf of our more than 80 member companies who build and maintain the infrastructure of the Internet, we commend the House for quickly passing this important legislation.

“Since the revelation of the NSA’s widespread and warrantless surveillance, the U.S. digital infrastructure sector has seen a decline in international trust and the effects have been far-reaching. American businesses have faced significant burdens – from customer loss to additional trade restrictions – because of unnecessarily intrusive surveillance by the U.S. government. While passage of the USA FREEDOM Act, which helped put an end to the egregious domestic bulk data collection by the NSA, was a critical step forward, there is more work to be done.

“The Judicial Redress Act will go a long way in restoring international trust and ensuring American businesses have the means to further promote innovation, better serve consumers and continue to robustly contribute to the U.S. economy. Further, the Act is a precondition that provides a much-needed umbrella agreement between the U.S. and EU on improving the framework for data transfers between law enforcement agencies. We believe the Act takes vital steps forward to ensure the continued competitiveness of U.S. businesses and we urge the Senate to swiftly pass this legislation.”

About i2Coalition:

The Internet Infrastructure Coalition (i2Coalition) supports those at the center of the Internet. We believe the continued growth of the Internet is vital for growing an environment of innovation and seek to engage in ways to foster success of the Internet and Internet infrastructure industry. We seek to influence decision makers to weigh decisions on whether they are good or bad for the Internet economy and its foundational industries. In short, we seek to foster growth within the Internet infrastructure industry by driving others to harness the Internet’s full potential. To learn more about i2Coalition, visit http://www.i2Coalition.com