i2Coalition Discusses White House Task Force on Patents

i2coalition(Ping! Zine Web Tech Magazine) – i2Coalition Co-Founder and Board Chair Christian Dawson issued the following statement on the unveiling of the White House’s Task Force on High-Tech Patent Issues:

“i2Coalition is encouraged by today’s announcement that the White House will ramp up its efforts to combat Patent Assertion Entities (‘patent trolls’), whose malicious attacks on our nation’s thought leaders and inventors are stymieing innovation and making it especially hard for small and medium-sized businesses to expand, particularly in the Internet industry.

“The White House’s executive order and legislative recommendations, coupled with movement we have seen on this issue in both the Senate and House, would deal the patent trolls a big blow.  These reforms to the patent system would arm innovators with the legal tools to conduct their business without the threat of litigation and bogus lawsuits that steal away time and money they could be spending elsewhere. High-tech innovators create well-paying jobs and are the lifeblood of our nation’s economy. i2Coalition thanks Senators Cornyn and Schumer and Chairmen Leahy and Goodlatte for their efforts to stop patent trolls, and looks forward to working with Congress and the White House to ensure that the fruits of innovation are not spoiled by these egregious actions.”