i2Coalition Opposes Treatment of Internet Data as Acts of Importation of Goods

(Ping! Zine Web Hosting Magazine) – The i2Coalition and 11 other organizations sent a letter to the U.S. International Property Enforcement Coordinator (IPEC) opposing the U.S. International Trade Commission’s (ITC) decision in Certain Digital Models to regulate the transmission of data over the Internet as acts of importation of goods. The letter encourages the IPEC to curb application of the ITC’s decision and to investigate the Commission’s role over digital data transmissions.

The following may be attributed to David Snead, Co-Founder and Public Policy Chair of the i2Coalition:

“The i2Coalition urges the U.S. International Property Enforcement Coordinator (IPEC) to consider the breadth of the U.S. International Trade Commission’s (ITC) decision and its impact on digital trade. American businesses depend on the free flow of information across the Internet to reach their customers and to efficiently and effectively run their businesses. The ITC’s decision to treat all digital data transfers into the United States as ‘importation…of articles’ threatens to make almost every Internet transaction subject to ITC jurisdiction. The remedies available in an ITC proceeding strongly resemble those rejected by Congress in the SOPA/PIPA debates. This overreaching use of authority sets American Internet businesses, innovation and the U.S. economy up to lose.”

About i2Coalition:

The Internet Infrastructure Coalition (i2Coalition) supports those who build the nuts and bolts of the Internet, and we treat it like the noble profession that it is. We believe the continued growth of the Internet is vital for growing an environment of innovation and seek to engage in ways to foster success of the Internet and Internet infrastructure industry. We seek to influence decision makers to weigh decisions on whether they are good or bad for the Internet economy and its foundational industries. In short, we seek to foster growth within the Internet infrastructure industry by driving others to harness the Internet’s full potential. To learn more about i2Coalition, visit http://www.i2Coalition.com.