I2Coalition Responds to President Obama’s Intel Gathering Comments

I2Coalition Responds to President Obama's Intel Gathering Comments(Ping! Zine Web Tech Magazine) – Internet Infrastructure Coalition Co-Founder and Board Chairman Christian Dawson today released the following statement discussing the President’s remarks concerning transparency and privacy protections in intelligence gathering:

“The Internet Infrastructure Coalition (i2Coalition) has repeatedly called for greater transparency and appropriate privacy protection when it comes to our nation’s intelligence gathering, and we applaud President Obama for the steps he laid out today.  For our industry to continue to compete in a global economy, we need to ensure that U.S. Internet companies have a seat at the table in these conversations.  Senator Franken, Representative Lofgren and others have put forth legislation to address these critical needs, and it is time for their colleagues in Congress to join them.  As the President said, ‘we need new thinking for a new era,’ and the i2Coalition looks forward to being a part of that multistakeholder effort.”