IaaS ‘Google Compute Engine’ Unveiled at I/O

(Ping! Zine Web Tech Magazine) – “Computing Without Limits”: That was top Internet search giant Google’s tag line when it premiered new IaaS solution ‘Google Compute Engine’ during its annual I/O conference on Thursday.

The new offering expands on the company’s previously launched App Engine, something Google noted receives 7.5 billion hits daily. Meanwhile, the new offering operates on Linux virtual machines at the company’s scaling capacity.

Google Senior VP of technical infrastructure Urs Hözle noted that more options were desired by developers, emphasizing their desire to have “virtual machines on demand.”

To showcase how Google Compute Engine worked in coordination with Google App Engine, Hözle opened up Genome Explorer, an application operated in coordination with the Institute for Systems Biology. The app is used to make associations between mutations, genes and other specifics.

The inclusion of Google Compute Engine succeeded in drastically speeding up the association process. Instead of requiring nearly a dozen minutes, scaling performance was able to cut association time down to taking just a few seconds.

“We know that you want top scalability and top performance,” commented Hözle when addressing the developers gathered at the conference. By the end of the presentation, the Genome Explorer was operating at a rate of 600K cores. Google Compute Engine is currently available as a limited preview. I/O will conclude on Friday following presentations on Android, Chrome, entrepreneurship and more.