IBM and Microsoft Prepare For Expansion Of Patent Bill

IBM and Microsoft Prepare For Expansion Of Patent Bill(Ping! Zine Web Tech Magazine) – On Wednesday, the House Judiciary Committee is scheduled to discuss the legislation of abusive patents.

The Washington Post reported that Rep. Bob Goodlatte added an amendment to his bill last month known as the covered business method (CBM). This program speeds up the process of the Patent Office to get rid of low-quality software patents in the fight against “patent trolls”.

Software companies such as IBM and Microsoft strongly oppose this program because it “could harm U.S. innovators by unnecessarily undermining the rights of patent holders. Subjecting data processing patents to the CBM program would create uncertainty and risk that discourage investment in any number of fields where we should be trying to spur continued innovation.”

The report continues by stating that the CBM program will provide a cost-friendly way for defendants to object a plaintiff’s patent. Litigation would be temporarily put on hold until the Patent Office further reviewed the patent’s validity.

While big companies oppose this program, others such as Senator Chuck Schumer, who has the support of the White House, are in favor of the expansion.