Identify Paid Bloggers, Judge Tells Google & Oracle

(Ping! Zine Web Tech Magazine) – The controversial issue of identities and online posts recently took center stage in a court case concerning top tech company Google and database provider Oracle.

A judge ruled that both sides must reveal the identities of paid bloggers before an appeal hearing in the case can be warranted, noted a Wednesday report from the BBC.

Why reveal these guys? The same news story indicated that the judge in the case was worried that paid writers could have influenced which way analysis shifted concerning the companies’ spat.

One example was recently given when Florian Mueller who heads up popular patent blog Foss Patents revealed that he had been hired as a consultant for Oracle after actual the trial had started. However, Mueller has denied a bias in his reports. “We agreed I would still express my views and pick my topics. I wrote all the blog posts independently, and they did not see draft posts,” commented Mueller in the BBC’s article.

Oracle has been targeting Google for alleged copyright infringement concerning to the company’s use of Java on its mobile OS Android.

Anonymous posting via the internet have long been a controversial issue. More and more websites have begun to require users to use their actual names when replying to posts. However, the issue of actual blog postings appears to be vaguer.