IE 10 on Windows 7: What’s the Deal?

(Ping! Zine Web Tech Magazine) – In the PC world, Windows 8 is surely all the hype but many users are still relying on Windows 7. And if you’re not already using Firefox or Google Chrome, you’re likely still using Internet Explorer – the default web portal for Windows-operated machines. recently noted that version 10 of Internet Explorer had finally arrived for Windows 7 – bringing with it, some noteworthy features.

The article highlights some interesting considerations including the idea that “most of the changes are under the hood.” Other highlights, meanwhile, include a focus on speed, security, support for touch and Windows 7’s automatic install for the new version. Definitely a piece worth checking out.

But despite what initially appeared to be a smooth roll out, some users have complained about issues regarding the version for Windows 7. Michael of recently noted the installation on his system had caused what he described as endless refreshing of websites including Facebook.

Have you transitioned yet to IE 10 for Windows 7? If so, how was your experience?