Imperva study finds IT security professionals concerned about careless users putting data at risk

The results of a survey of 310 IT security professionals taken at the Infosecurity Europe trade show found that when it comes to insider threats, over half (58 percent) of the IT security professionals are concerned about carless users who unwittingly put their organization’s data at risk. 14 percent of respondents revealed they do not have a security solution in place to detect insider threats.

Imperva CTO Terry Ray states that data breaches caused by careless, malicious, or compromised insiders are real and serious as the problem begins with users that have legitimate access to enterprise data. Attacks from the inside can be present for long periods of time before finally being detected. Costs associated with loss of data can run in the millions and lead to customer loss, brand damage, and stock price decline.

Read the full post at Imperva to learn more on the survey and ways to prevent insider attacks using machine learning-based solutions.