Important Elements for Your Facebook Page

(Ping! Zine Web Tech Magazine) – Instead of talking about broad strategy with regards to social networks, we thought it might be more useful for some readers to discuss the three most important elements, in our opinion, of a social media presence. In this article we will run off three specific elements that your small business should be doing on your Facebook and Twitter pages. Of course, each of these elements can be broken down even further, but this should be a good start to understanding how your business page should operate. Sometimes it may be easier just to look at what your competitors are doing, and to do something similar, but in most cases it pays to be one step ahead. How many of the following elements do you consistently implement into your business pages?


Don’t use your social media accounts as a one-way communication from your business. If you are not engaging your followers in a conversation, they are less likely to value your presence on social media, and less likely to value your brand. In other words, don’t “set it and forget it,” so to speak. When you make a post on Facebook, be sure to monitor its success and keep track of who likes it and more importantly, who responds to it. If a user comments with a question, or even a complaint, it goes a long way for you to respond as a voice of your business. Even if it is just thanking them for their comment, the effort goes a long way into building a relationship.

Encourage Engagement

Of course, one of the best ways to give yourself the opportunity to respond in step one is to encourage your users to communicate with you. In each of your posts, you should be asking questions, inviting feedback, or doing whatever you think is appropriate to start a dialogue with your customers. As customers see how responsive you are it shows that your business cares and is easy to reach out to. The relationships built on social media platforms can translate into sales and website traffic down the line.

Share a Variety of Content

We’ve written many times in previous articles that photos and videos catch a viewer’s attention far better than a simple text post. So instead of just explaining a new product or service to your followers, why not illustrate it for them in an attractive photograph or even an instructional video? This content stands out in Facebook and Twitter feeds and is more likely to engage your audience to respond. Additionally, this content is shared much more frequently with other networks.

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