In Case You Missed It: Open-Xchange Joins i2Coalition

In Case You Missed It: Open-Xchange Joins i2Coalition(Ping! Zine Web Tech Magazine) – This last week, Open-Xchange completed the process of becoming a member of the i2Coalition.  Open-Xchange believes that the world should enjoy an open internet where consumers and SMBs are able to trust in the internet and providers that deliver such services.  As a company with a long history of supporting OSS (open source software) initiatives, products and approaches, OX is a pioneer of developing and supporting the latest standards for users to easily adopt. At Open-Xchange, we understand the importance of standing shoulder to shoulder with the OSS community and fellow trusted providers and vendors. It’s in the nature of our business.

Open-Xchange develops, markets and sells web-based communication, collaboration and office productivity software, which enables full integration of email, documents, scheduling and social media. Built for the cloud, OX App Suite connects business and personal worlds, across multiple devices and legacy systems. Sold and delivered through cloud and hosting providers, telcos and local Internet services companies, OX App Suite gives individuals the freedom to collaborate, work and communicate in the way they want to.

Just this last month, at our 5th annual OX Summit, Phil Zimmerman (of PGP fame) joined the OX ecosystem as our Keynote speaker. In doing so, Phil fostered a serious discussion around the need for a trustworthy internet experience for users and business.  These core values area aligned with the efforts of the i2Coalition to create a voice for our industry in the forming of public policy and creating a community of advocates to endorse best practices.  At OX, it is our mission to make certain that choice, freedom and trust are put centrally back on the table to so many important issues–including email security—currently in heated debate.

If you have been considering joining the I2Coalition but have not done so, now is an important time to step up to the plate.  There are enormous challenges facing our industry where your company’s voice–for an open internet and its power to transform not only industries, but society–is ever so important.  Join significant internet advocates who have supported this cause like Softlayer, Google and Rackspace. However, come to understand that it is the smaller players that will carry the burden with an ardent voice to help public policy leaders understand the innovations that are taking place at “internet speed.”  Our future is too important not to make this voice clearly heard.

Posted to the i2Coalition’s blog by Jon McCarrick, Hosting Evangelist, of Open-Xchange