In India, Web Content Removed by Google

(Ping! Zine Web Hosting Magazine) – In the country of India, content standards are quite a bit stricter as compared to other western countries including the United States.

On Monday, a report from the Associated Press signaled that global tech giant Google had complied with an order from India’s government to remove particular web content in which the country deemed socially unacceptable.

Such specifics included text, images and video content.

Google isn’t the only large tech presence to fall under critique from the country’s government. According to news agency the Press Trust of India, an Indian court is requiring social site Facebook to take a similar course of action to prevent what Indian prosecutors see as unacceptable content.

The move against the Internet sites came from a lawsuit in which an Indian religious figure was offended by particular web content provided for through the companies.

Despite the move, Indian Communications Minister Sachin Pilot denied the idea of censorship in the AP’s report, stating, “They all have to operate within the laws of the country. … There must be responsible behavior on both sides.”

Internet censorship concerns have increased in recent years as more web entities have bowed to pressure to further regulate their content. Among the most criticized countries is China which has blocked it citizens from using popular Internet sites such a Facebook, YouTube and Twitter. For more information on the matter, view the AP’s report here (