In U.K., Chrome Takes 2nd

(Ping! Zine Web Hosting Magazine) – There’s good news for Google concerning its web browser Chrome. A new report by StatCounter shows that the browser has overtaken Firefox as the U.K.’s second most used browser. According to the stats, use of Chrome is around 22.1%, now slightly higher than Firefox.

Meanwhile, Microsoft’s Internet Explorer still holds a significant lead, according to the findings. IE’s use hovers somewhere around 45%. However, it appears that use of Explorer has slowly diminished over time while Chrome’s use has increased.

To record the statistics, StatCounter relies on collected data from various sites.

Google’s Chrome web browser launched in September of 2009 and has steadily gained popularity. However, the latest findings show that other browsers still have a lot of work to do against Explorer, despite its slow slide. It also shows that Microsoft remains a powerful player in the world wide web.

To view the stats by StatCounter, visit: