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Info about New Domains for Your Online Success(Ping! Zine Web Tech Magazine) – The introduction of the new top-level domains is in full swing! In the near future we will be informing you every month about the latest news and special features when it comes to gTLDs. Of course, once the exact conditions for your chosen domain names are known and they are available to order, we will inform you immediately.

.tour, .tours or .vacations – who’s first?

During ICANN’s application phase to introduce the new top-level domains, at least 1,900 gTLDs were submitted. These included a large number of domain endings with only slight variations or gTLDs covering the same topic or business sector in different languages. Many users, when pre-reserving their preferred domain names, choose one or two of the gTLDs relating to a certain industry or theme.

At 1&1 you can choose from over 700 different gTLDs to pre-reserve your favorite domain names! We use the term ‘Pre-reserve’ because at the moment we cannot confirm exactly when specific domain endings will be released to the market. There are several reasons for this:

When a gTLD has passed all tests with ICANN, a registry that has applied for that domain ending can sign contracts to purchase the new top-level domain and make it available to the public. However, in the application phase at the beginning of 2013, many promising domain endings were applied for by several registries at the same time.

If a registry cannot demonstrate the reasons why it should be allowed to purchase a specific domain ending, the gTLD is auctioned off by ICANN, and it is awarded to the highest bidding registry. Only after a company or organization has signed the contracts to market the new top-level domains, technical processes can be implemented and new domain names can be registered.

For example, in September Google had the chance to sign a contract for one out of 96 submitted domain endings – a gTLD in Japanese characters meaning ‘everyone’. So the decisions for the remaining top-level domains are still not made – even for one of the Internet’s more popular search engines.

By now about 40 contracts between ICANN and registries have been signed, with many more allocations still in progress.

Tip: At this early stage of the introduction process, in order to maximize your chances of successfully ordering your preferred domain name you should pre-reserve as many different domain names with different gTLDs as you can.

You can decide later on which of your preferred domain names you would like to actually order. The sooner you pre-reserve your domains, the better your chances of ordering them before another user.

Take a look here to find more domain names which may be suitable for you!

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