Infraster announces Free Proactive Monitoring

(Ping! Zine) – Infraster which is known for building a better, safer, faster, smarter and real experience of IT has now come up with a Free Proactive Monitoring services to make its services better and more user friendly. The remote infrastructure management company today took this decision with the basic aim of fulfilling their prime aim i.e. customer satisfaction.

The company took this decision and has upgraded themselves to move towards the next level of infrastructure management. Some of the basic features of our services are as follows:

• It allows you to monitor your server via ping service 24 x 7.
• The monitoring system will check for the server status every 15 minutes
• And if it found to be not responding, it will automatically send an alert via the email address specified.
This decision has been adopted to overcome problems faced by the customers like monitory loss and black mark in their brand image. According to Ashish Shah, Founder, President and CEO of QuantumPages “Infraster understands the importance of server uptime. Server downtime means a lot with a business including loss in revenue and reputation,”

This word gives assurance that all the problems because of server downtime will no longer harm the customers by any means. He further added to his statement “By monitoring uptime of your server, you make sure you are aware of any downtime before your client does and start taking actions to rectify the problem.”

The procedure for the customers to get this service is very simple. They just need to fill up the simple form available on the website and the monitoring system will setup their account and send the confirmation email. This take few hours before it is setup. In short the only thing the users who avail this service needs to do is just fill the application and sit back; take the benefit out of this service just for free.

QuantumPages has recently separated its managed services unit to Infraster.