Bridging the Gap Between IT Security and Operations

(Ping! Zine Issue 14D) – Today’s IT organization has a lot on its plate: More remote workers to support, more complex networks to manage, more sophisticated threats (i.e. APTs) to prevent and more audits to conduct. MORE is shoveled onto ITs plate – oftentimes with less resources to effectively address issues. This challenge can lead to silos within the broader IT organization and its charter because at the end of the day what one is accountable for is where their priorities generally lie. More specifically I’m referring to the troubling disconnect between many IT operations and security teams.

These departments individually have a heavy burden to carry, but truly are focused on the same end game. Both IT operations and security groups are ultimately responsible for making sure an organization’s systems are functioning so that business goals are met. However these teams approach the end game from different perspectives. The security department’s number one goal is to protect the company, whereas IT operations are focused on keeping systems up and running.

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