Choosing a PHP Handler

(Special cPanel Edition) – When building a new shared server, one of the first decisions you must make is choosing a PHP handler to serve your PHP requests. A PHP handler is responsible for taking a request for a PHP script and loading the appropriate libraries for execution. For a long time this was handled through mod_php, also known as DSO. With recent versions of cPanel, suPHP is the default handler. Also available are the CGI and FCGI handlers, all of which are available for inclusion through EasyApache.

Selecting the right PHP handler for your server depends on a variety of requirements. This requires a bit of foresight into what types of scripts you expect your server to routinely run, how much resources you expect to be available (including how flexible your resources are to grow if necessary), and how much security you need. Other considerations include how much manual performance tweaking you want to do, and whether you want to take advantage of opcode caching (APC, Xcache, etc).

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