Inside: Detrimental Mistake – Not Using an IT Security Company

Detrimental Mistake - Not Using an IT Security Company (Ping! Zine Issue 65) – The development of Information Technology has resulted in a significant increase in productivity and the arising of new goods and services. Due to this, the world has become progressively interconnected, as processing information is less expensive lowering the cost of telecommunications. This article focuses on information technology in organizations and the consequences of not using an IT Security Company.

The IT security company is a firm that offers services, which protect information from illegal access, editing, destruction, disruption, perusal, and inspection. This is mostly done electronically through the use of computers. The nature of the information being protected is usually critical and of great value to the owner and thus the need to protect it from its malicious cyber-attacks that may breach its privacy.

In case of a security failure, an organization is left to suffer a number of consequences. These include loss of crucial documents, exposure of confidential data and deliberate alteration of important information. To contain such situations, a lot of money is spent while in some cases it is beyond control leaving a bad reputation for the organization. Incompetent IT security staff or no staff at all is the major reason for such failures.

On the other hand, having a good IT security company limits the chances of such risks occurring. This is because they use highly trained staffs that have specialized in the field placing them at a better advantage in handling the security of the organization’s information. Not using an IT Security Company places an organization at a disadvantaged side of not knowing any of the technical important information both major and minor that is important in ensuring overall protection of data.

Organizations not using an IT Security Company tend to be overwhelmed by security challenges as the responsibility is upon one or a number of employees who cannot handle the system as it is broad and keeps changing which makes it impossible to cope up. The employees mostly work at specialization therefore closing out on other relevant knowledge that is beyond their area of specialty. IT companies, however, are able to handle the system more easily as they practice both division and specialization of labor ensuring all areas of the security system are constantly revised and edited where necessary.

When not using an IT Security Company for the protection of data, an organization is entirely responsible for any failure in the security system while in some cases when used the responsibility of any failure is to the security company. This is based on the principle of accountability. The key principles of information security, however, are confidentiality, integrity, and availability. This means that the information cannot be disclosed to any unauthorized individuals or systems, that it is maintained over its life cycle retaining its accuracy and it’s always available when needed.

These three principles nevertheless are sometimes not upheld when an organization is not using an IT Security Company. This is because an employee of the IT staff is likely to be employed elsewhere and if he ends up working for a corporate enemy, he might expose the previous organization’s information for the purpose of creating a name at his new place of work. With an IT security company, an organization’s data is safer as the chances of a conflict of interest to emerge are minimal.

Having understood the impacts of not using IT Security Company, it is also important to consider a number of factors before contracting one. Every organization needs a security company that suits its needs best. For instance, if it’s a small organization with limited resources, it should look out for a security company that offers affordable services. This ensures that in efforts to curb the security of data, other departments of the organization are not compromised. The services offered should also be relevant to the seeking organizations. A good security system entails awareness, responsibility, ethics, democracy, response, security, security design, implementation, re-assessment, and security management. All the above ensures that the system works smoothly and effectively. Organizations are advised to be on the lookout of these qualities in order to ensure that their data is safe from any kind of damage. Information is a great tool and therefore it is important to have measures to safeguard it whatsoever. The cost may be huge but in the long run, the information proves to be of greater value.

This article was written by David Williams who has over 17 years of experience working in the IT field.  His business can be found at which provides a plethora of IT security services to small to medium sized businesses.