Inside: How “Distant Job” Is Different Than Freelancing and IT Outsourcing Companies

distantjob(Ping! Zine Issue 71) – Have you ever found yourself trolling oDesk, eLance, or in search of finding the best candidate for your technical jobs? All to commonly webmasters can spend weeks on end finding people that say they’re experienced in MySQL,, PHP, etc. Once the contract is awarded to the other party, you will soon find that their technical know-how isn’t much higher than yours. It seems to be a common trend that can cost you lots of valuable time and money. In this article I am going to talk about Distant Job, an offshore provider that can aid in completing your technical task.

What A Common Outsourcing Company Does?
Traditionally, outsourcing companies are there to take on projects that a company might have not had the expertise to handle in house, but with globalization and exposure to emerging markets, outsourcing has become mostly about saving cost. The process usually involves taking on a specific project description where they provide cost and time estimation. Once it’s been approved the client could only wait and pray that everything will come out right.

Here Are The Problems With That Methodology:

  • You have to work with an unfocused manager. In most outsourcing companies a manager works on multiple projects at the same time which can lead to major confusion.
  • They do not understand your working culture and process. It’s very hard to work with a company that does things differently than your own. Even if they are capable of providing quality work, it might be very different from your standards.
  • You have no real control over the quality of work. Without continuous communication, it’s very hard to understand what is done on your project.
  • Deadlines are cumbersome when working with outsourcing companies. 9 times out of 10 tasks don’t get completed in the allotted time. Thus, your deadlines are essentially pointless and no one really abides by them. Deadlines are there for one simple reason, to set a date and complete it, period.

Who Needs These Services?

  • Companies that are looking to improve their talent pool.
  • Companies who cannot find amazing people locally.
  • Companies that are looking to lower their labor cost.
  • Companies who are looking to expand on different departments in their business.

Why Should You Use a Remote Placement Agency
A remote placement agency is a company that focuses on finding the best talent in emerging markets such as Romania, Ukraine, India and Brazil. The obvious benefit in those countries is finding educated people that have a lower cost of living which directly affects their cost, but there is also the benefit of not limiting yourself to one location which permits anyone to find better people faster. Unlike outsourcing companies that take on projects with precise descriptions and not so clear timelines, a remote placement agency like Distant Job puts all their efforts on finding and filtering the best talent in that market so they can work directly for the client. It is based on the philosophy that the best managers for any project are located internally within a company.  It is shown that if a remote staff works under the same conditions as any local employee he will do as well, if not surpass them. Why surpass? Based on Cornell research, it is shown that the virtual worker works without interruption and has “Higher satisfaction, lower absenteeism and higher retention.” Working under an unfocused manager that does not understand the culture of the company and does not interview, motivate and train the employees cannot bring the same results. When it comes to bidding freelance sites, websites such as Elance and are built in a way that forces candidates to outbid each other. Chances are that if you have candidates with strong qualifications that have high standards and know their value, they will already have a job. Even if they don’t, they will give up very quickly on the bidding sites because they will continue to loose projects due to under bidders and people that know how to market themselves better. . To find a great candidate in the sea of talent, you will need a company that will head hunt and filter for those unique talents that are still within offshore salaries but can provide huge results for the company. Distant Job specifically hires IT specialists and teaches them how to become better recruiters. They speak the same lingo as the candidates which gives them the edge in finding those unique talents.

The Process With Distant Job
The process at Distant Job is very simple. They require that you fill out a form with the required details of the job. They have all these categories; administration, database, mechanical, multimedia, programming, technical, and web design. It makes no difference if you’re using the Windows, Linux, or Mac operating system because all their IT techs are trained on each one. There is also no need to train them on applications because each tech is fluent on whatever application you specify. Once they have received your request they then begin searching for suitable candidates. They go through strict procedures of interviewing and evaluating potential employees. Typically, it takes anywhere from 3-4 days for an easy mandate. For a hard mandate, the process can take 7-14 days to complete. As a client of Distant Job they will send out CVs and evaluations in your inbox.

With this email you will get a detailed description of the candidate. They also like to multiply the hourly rate by 172 to show you what you can expect to pay for the employee per month. Once you have reviewed their evaluations of each potential employee they can then start the interview process. After the interview you can make the decision on whether or not you think they will be a suitable fit to your business. Rather than conducting dozens of interviews, you can easily find the right candidate for the job. Distant Job will not stop searching for the right candidate until you are 100% satisfied.

Join the revolution of remote staffing
Just because you want to cut cost and work with offshore countries no longer means that you do not have to compromise on your processes and core values just because you want to cut costs and work with offshore companies. As a manager, you should be able to talk to your staff at a time that makes sense to you so you can train and motivate them. If you have a certain way of communicating or certain management methods like agile, you cannot compromise on them. CEOs, presidents and managers have their own unique way of running their company and those methods are what truly defines the business itself. Yet for some strange reason when it comes to offshore work, that entire culture is forgotten because the talent is cheap, remote or unknown. The evolution of Outsourcing is not outsourcing at all. No longer are you expected to offload projects to another company just because you want to work with lower cost. You can simply work directly with those people and can even get them to work during your office hours.

With an IT specialized remote placement agency like Distant Job you might never need to compromise on your most important asset, your employees.