Ping! Zine Customer Support Q&A

My business has grown too fast and I need to stop accepting new customers while I work on acquiring more staff and servers. What is the best way to explain that to potential customers and still maintain a good reputation?

Congratulations on your growth! Your problem is one that many companies would like to have.

The best way to deal with this situation is to be honest. Stopping new orders while you work to ensure you’re able to keep up with growth is a respectable thing to do. Simply explain to customers that your company has been growing very quickly and you would like to have some time to hire and train new staff and expand your infrastructure.

Most importantly, communicate to potential customers that the stop on new orders is temporary and that you would be more than happy to add their name to a waiting list. Provide weekly updates to those potential customers and try to keep aware of an accurate timeline.

Then, when you’re all ready, let those potential customers know you’re all set. At that point, you should take a few moments to enjoy your growth and bask in your company’s success.

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