Prevent Site Hacks & Recovery on Dedicated Servers

(Ping! Zine Digital Issue 04) – For every website owner who uses dedicated servers, one of the responsibilities is ensuring that their websites are properly protected from being hacked or infiltrated. We often hear of websites that were damaged, have their data stolen, and rankings reduced to dust because their data is hacked. Even if you take certain measures to secure your website, if the machine that you use for access is infected, you may face a loss of valuable data.

As a website owner you need to know the different kinds of hacking and how they can affect your website:
• XSS. The major cause of this kind of vulnerability is weak security of HTML codes and client side scripts. These are typically found in web applications that allow code injection by malicious web users into the web pages viewed by other users. The major cause of this is JavaScript, VBScript and Activex.
• SQL injections. This allows sending the crafter a user name and/or password field which changes the SQL query.
• Defacement is done by a group of hackers with the intent to steal content and other information from a website. They substitute web pages and home pages. Hackers target the web server and its operating system.

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