Private Clouds and How To Deploy Them

(Ping! Zine Issue 13D) – According to the Wall Street Journal Market Watch, the private cloud movement can expect a 150 percent increase in new customers. Growing organizations are fearful when putting corporate data on multi-tenant or “public” clouds and are demanding the establishment of private, dedicated platforms for more control, privacy and security.

While some public clouds provide compliance with industry SAS 70 standards, regulated organizations such as insurance, financial firms, manufacturing, government, retail, health care, telecommunications and biotech companies prefer private clouds for their compliance, storage, computer needs, and restrictive security protocols. For instance, banks are required to store data in the customer’s country, therefore the location of the servers powering clouds, how well they will perform, and whether or not they comply with specific regulations become paramount. Deploying a private cloud in an organization’s own data center or in a data center of a trusted third party provider can help to ensure data confidentiality.

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