Inside: Samsung Galaxy S5 Rumors and Speculations

Samsung Galaxy S5 Rumors and Speculations(Ping! Zine Issue 65) – The release of the Samsung’s new flagship phone, Samsung Galaxy S5 is just around the corner, being expected in the March or April next year, even though the exact date or even month are not yet known. As is always the case when such an anticipated product is still on the assembly lines, people have been speculating about the possible features that the phone will be able to boast, so we have decided to give you a choice assortment of these guesses.

Even though S4 was very popular and didn’t receive nearly as much criticism as most of its competitors did, its plastic body that strongly resembled that of the previous model, S3, wasn’t exactly too popular with the people. Even though it allowed for easy battery removal, people thought that it made the phone look quite cheap, which it certainly wasn’t. Well, good news is that it seems that Samsung Galaxy S5 may be coming in a significantly sturdier aluminum body that will not only be able to better absorb blows, but may also be water and dustproof. Even though this has just been hinted and is no way a certainty, people are already getting excited about the prospects.

It is also speculated that the new Samsungs phone will be coming with an eight-core Samsung Exynos processor, which should right another wrong of S4. Namely the current Samsung’s star came with different CPUs in different countries, which meant that some people were sentenced to a lower quality product, which won’t be the case this time. Even though we cannot verify that this is the exact processor that they’ll be using, it seems pretty definite that Samsung Galaxy S5 will be sporting a 16-bit processor as Shin Jong-Kyun, Samsung’s mobile business chief, stated for the Korea Times that their new phones will have 64-bit processing functionality.

Samsung also confirmed that they have started mass production of ultra-thin 3GB DDR3 RAM chips, which should do wonders for both your battery life and the speed of your phone. There is still no official confirmation that such a chip will be found in the S5, but it remains a strong possibility that it will.

There are also rumors of a powerful 16 Megapixel camera that could offer optical image stabilization. There were also some speculations about the phone coming with fingerprint scanners, similar to those found on the latest iPhones, however, this turned out to only be a rumor as The Korea Herald explained.

As is always the case when a new phone is announced, people are letting their imagination run wild and talking about curved screens and a host of other features that the phone may hold, but luckily the wait to find out shouldn’t be too long. The phone is expected the reach the shelves as soon April 2014, but there may be some delays, as Samsung seems to be rushing its release, which could easily backfire. The only thing that remains is to be patient and hope that their eagerness won’t result in a couple more months of waiting.

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