When to Switch to Virtual Private Servers

(Ping! ZIne Issue 14D) – One of the biggest expenses in business is the management of information technology. How do we keep our organizations running efficiently and secure, but still keep operational costs within reason? Businesses will need therefore to look towards finding the best technology setup with optimum benefits and the most competitive costs.

In the beginning most organizations start with shared hosting because it is the least expensive and quickest way to launch a website or blog. However, it does have limitations. So how does a business know when shared hosting is no longer a practical solution? First of all consider that one solitary website on the same server can affect the operation of other websites. One security breach of another company’s website can bring a server down thus affecting anyone else’s website. Next, have you noticed as your traffic has grown that your website has been slowing down? That isn’t the fault of your website; it most probably is an overload on the web server, but remember customers don’t wait for slow websites to load; they just click someplace else.

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