InstaCarma Launches VisionCarma Portal

(Ping! Zine Web Tech Magazine) – InstaCarma has launched a unique Client Portal application, VisionCarma for the hosting industry. According to InstaCarma’s CEO Mr Aromal Rajagopal, VisionCarma is set to change the way an outsourced service provider is perceived by the world today.

InstaCarma, an outsourced technical support provider for hosting companies and datacenters, launched a portal for its clients called VisionCarma. It is an extremely handy, useful and efficient application for clients to access their offshore team members. That is, the clients can manage support operations with ease, and, also control and contrive the work environment in the company which ultimately will lead to better productivity and accountability. As per the source, it brings in a lot of transparency in the services delivered which is the key differentiator between them and the numerous other providers out there today.

Mrs. Indu Aromal, Director of Operations says, ?VisionCarma Portal is InstaCarma’s vision for excellence in service delivery and outsourced technical support.? She goes on to add, ?The beauty of the application is its complete transparency in giving out real-time shift statistics, tech presence and response time.?

InstaCarma, through VisionCarma desires to provide a platform for its client which is a ?highly transparent, SLA driven and strictly process controlled management system?. With around 8 years of research and development going into developing VisionCarma’s process management system, InstaCarma feels that VisionCarma will allow clients to truly experience what it is like working as an integrated team.

VisionCarma’s introduction given to some of the prominent names in the hosting industry during HostingCon 2012 was received with great appreciation and was commented by many as ?a must have to offer high quality SLA driven technical support services?.

The portal?s USP according to the company, is the years of research and process optimization that has gone to track ticket statistics, SLA, measure quality parameters and enhance productivity of teams. The company believes that their clients are in no doubt going to benefit from this Client Portal. It would provide them with an easy way to monitor the work process and communicate with their techs working remotely. This is another major step from InstaCarma, in their constant endeavor towards excellence and improving the client experience.

For more information visit Contact InstaCarma at visioncarma[at] for a live demo.