InstaCarma’s Website & Service Revamp

InstaCarma’s Website & Service Revamp(Ping! Zine Web Tech Magazine) – InstaCarma( is a Bangalore based IT company offering end-to-end services for hosting companies and datacenters for the past 11+ years. Today at the relaunch event held at the company HQ, InstaCarma( announced that they have rolled out a total website revamp and updated their service line. The new website, according to InstaCarma( spokesperson, promises better usability for the visitors and highly user centric interface along with an impressive lineup of new and improved Hosting support services.

A significant improvement, according to the company’s design team, is the use of responsive design, better content and a minimalist landing page. These factors, according to the team, have increased the likability factor to a great extent. “We are here to make your hosting company a multi-million dollar enterprise” Aromal Rajagopal, CEO, InstaCarma( said during the event.  “The most important aspect of this revamp is our updated outlook towards the way our website visitor should feel when he visits our website. In a way, we now understand the client requirements in a better way as we have matured as a company and, it’s evident by the way the website has come out. The key differentiator for InstaCarma( is our thorough understanding of the hosting industry and an enterprise class work management system, VisionCarma. VisionCarma manages the service delivery model of our company to ensure that you get consistent quality every time. ”—adds Mr. Aromal.

InstaCarma( has over 11 years of experience working with various hosting companies and datacenters across the globe. The team is made up of more than 90 engineers working in a 24/7/365 support environment for client projects. InstaCarma( claims to have delivered 100+ projects for clients across the globe. The new and improved website can be accessed by visiting

The key main-points of the hosters (as per the document provided by the company) that the new service line plans to tackle are:

Getting into a highly competitive market

For solving this, we have come up with unique Internet marketing strategies that have worked wonders for our clients. One of our clients from Japan was successfully able to cement his position in the US as a Hosting provider within 3 months of utilizing our end-to-end services.

Client Acquisition and Nurturing

Acquiring clients is the biggest challenge but also the easiest one if everything is done in a systematic manner. If the building blocks are strong, then the only thing required is constant monitoring and improvement. We understand this fact, and also have intensive experience in building concrete ground for our strategies to show results. Everything from PPC management, Email Marketing, Social Media Marketing, Customer segmentation, Lead nurturing, conversion optimization and SEO optimization is utilized to get the desired results.

Tech Support that brings in Business and retains it too

Our EPIC tech support team is one of the best in India. All our engineers are first trained on customer handling & problem resolution for a period of 3 months before induction. We are the best when it comes to maintaining strict SLA’s and our quality assurance and monitoring software VisionCarma is a pioneer in itself. Being managed by process management software like VisionCarma has made our techs capable of delivering EPIC work performance and quality “Every Single Time”.

Increasing efficiency of work done + Maintaining 100% quality

Hosting Platform Automation services that we offer have led to an increase in the productivity and conversion rates for Hosters by almost 500%. For the past 11+ years we have spent more than 50k+ hours developing applications for numerous hosting companies to integrate and automate their hosting workflow. Our capabilities include integrating payment gateways to implementing automated OS provisioning at the node level and VPS level. Our expert team of developers is proficient in integrating the various applications and systems participating in the hosting workflow. Believe us when we say “We Have Done It All” because We Definitely Have.