Installing WordPress on an Add-on Domain

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WordPress is installable on any domain whether or not it is your primary domain or not. You can install WordPress on add-on domain in the same manner in which you originally installed WordPress on your primary domain. Most of the steps are the same as if you were installing it on your primary domain.


Login to cpanel and click on the “fantastico de luxe” icon.


Once Fantastico De Luxe opens, click WordPress on the left side menu pane.


This will take you to the WordPress installation page. This is where you can install a new instance of WordPress. Click on “New Installation”


You will need to fill out the details on the page and click “Install WordPress”


Install on domain: This is the only step that changes when installing WordPress on an add-on domain. From the dropdoan menu, select the add-on domain you wish to install WordPress on. Keep in mind you will need to make sure the domain has been added as an add-on domain in cpanel prior to installing WordPress.

Install in a directory: If you would like to install WordPress into a subdirectory enter the name of the folder here.

Admin access data: This is the section you setup the username and password you will access the dashboard with.

Base configuration: Fill out this section with your full name, site name, description and email address.

After installing WordPress a confirmation page will apear. Click “finish installation” and you now have completed installing WordPress on an add-on domain. You will login to your WordPress dashboard by going to:, as every installation of WordPress will have its own. separate dashboard.

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