Intel Delivers New SSD for Web Hosts, Cloud & Virtualization

intelssd(Ping! Zine Web Tech Magazine) – Listen up web hosts, Intel has a new SSD and is hoping it gets your attention.

The company on Tuesday introduced its Drive Data center S3500 Series component – something it says will do things like increase multicore CPU utilization, improve total cost of ownership, reduce rack space in addition to cutting down on power consumption.

Intel is also hoping the product is “an ideal replacement for traditional hard disk drives (HDD).”

“The Intel SSD DC S3500 Series breaks through barriers – like the need for high throughput/low latency storage with a low total cost of ownership – to deliver the storage solution that meets the needs of the cloud, and its demand for storage, which has exploded in recent years,” stated Rob Crooke, an Intel corporate VP and GM.

The chip maker recently featured the S3500 series at New York’s Cloud Computing Expo – an event that was set to wrap up today.