Intel Introduces IoT Platform to Help Companies Create Smart Products

Intel Introduces IoT Platform to Help Companies Create Smart Products(Ping! Zine Web Tech Magazine) – Yesterday chipmaker Intel unveiled its latest project, the Internet of Things Platform, an initiative designed to help companies and users create and deploy smart products using its hardware and software.

“The new offerings and relationships will make it easier for solution providers to move IoT from pockets of pilots to mainstream deployments with a repeatable foundation of building blocks that can be customized for limitless solutions,” says the company via press release. “Data will be unlocked faster to extract meaningful information and value for consumers and businesses.”

Companies such as Accenture, Capgemini, Dell, SAP, and Tata Consultancy are working with Intel to develop and deploy IoT products to their customers.

According to Forbes, the Internet of Things Platform is expected to generate $2billion a year in revenue and create 18 percent annual growth for the company.

Intel’s new products include:

  • The Wind River Edge Management System that provides cloud connectivity among configuration, file transfers, data capture, and rules-based data analysis and response.
  • A Internet of Things Gateway for Wind River Edge Management System that can be “rapidly deployed, provisioned and managed throughout the life cycle of a system” that will lower cost and time.
  • An Enhanced Security for Intel IoT Gateways will be provided by McAfee to support the new platform, adding security management for gateway devices.
  • The Enhanced Privacy Identity technology will released to other silicon vendors, providing access for other devices to connect securely to the IoT Platform.
  • IoT Platform customers now have access to Intel Mashery API management tools.