Intel Provides Data Centers with New SSD Solution

(Ping! Zine Web Tech Magazine) – Popular chip creator Intel on Monday unveiled its latest SSD technology, targeting the data center market with something it says will “meet the needs of today’s big data.”

The offering is available in three capacities. Clients can either go with 100, 200 or 800 GB.

Rob Crooke, a VP at the company discussed the current data market in a press release. “High latencies and slow storage I/O can cripple data centers’ ability to deliver exciting big data or cloud-computing applications with fast, low latency data access,” Crooke commented.

“Intel’s next-generation Intel SSD DC S3700 Series breaks through SSD limitations for the data center on all fronts – fast, consistent performance, strong data protection and high endurance — so IT professionals can deliver on their most demanding technology initiatives,” he continued.

The technology present in the company’s latest SSD release, meanwhile, relies on something called High Endurance Technology which Intel says allows it to “deliver single-level cell SSD-like endurance in more cost-effective multi-level cell (MLC) technology.”

The release is ideal for a variety of data center applications including cloud, HPC and more. Pricing ranges between $235 and $1880.

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