Internet Frauds and Scams that One Should Avoid

(Ping! Zine Web Hosting Magazine) – The use of the internet sounds very promising. After all, with just a click of the mouse the information that you need is presented right in front of you. Now that more and more people rely on the internet for just about anything: bill payments, shopping and research, the risk of being exposed to the identity threats, fraud and scams also increases. As an internet user, how can you protect yourself and make sure that you don’t fall into these traps? It pays to be observant and to have a little information on the latest scams that are present in the internet.

Having the ability to spot these internet frauds is the first step towards protecting and safeguarding your identity. A very common scam where a lot of people can become victims will always involve money. This scam is not new, yet there are still individuals that fall for this trap. It’ll start with an e-mail from someone residing in a foreign country. The content of the e-mail is promising as it will probably state about unclaimed funds or that your name was chosen via an electronic random draw.

With a huge sum of money involved, the scammer might ask you to send an initial amount that will be used to process the claim. There are also cases that a check will be sent to you and be asked to deposit it to your account and you will get a percentage of the total amount, the rest will be sent to an account in a different country. Everything happens fast and next thing you’ll realize is that the funds are no good and that you’re left with an overdraft to settle. Keep an eye out. Lottery scams are still popular and if you didn’t join any contests, chances are you will not win a prize.

Phishing is an online scheme that emerged due to security breach on a number of sites. Personal information, bank accounts and credit card details of an individual could be used by the scammer to steal an identity and make use of it to purchase products online.  Be very careful when sharing your information online. It is also very important to make sure that the website is secured and that steps were taken in order to ensure that data are well-kept and protected.

Since most scams and online frauds originate from e-mails. It is only vital to come up with ways on how to be more careful in handling e-mail messages. It also pays to have a strong website security that will keep you and your identity safe at all times.

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Author: Ricca Mia