Internet Security with Your Web Host

Internet Security with Your Web Host(Ping! Zine Web Tech Magazine) – Internet security is a major issue to consider for every business with a presence online. When it comes to keeping your private information secure, there are many tools and techniques to understand. Many Web hosts provide helpful security tools to keep a secure website for your business and your customers. In this article, we will take a look at a few areas in more detail.

SSL Certificates

A Secure Socket Layer (SSL) is the first line of defense against online intruders. The GeoTrust QuickSSL Premium Dedicated SSL Certificate provides for a safe exchange of information over the Internet and shows your visitors that their transactions are secure. This is crucial if you are planning to sell products directly from your business website.

If purchased directly from GeoTrust, the QuickSSL Premium Certificate sells for around $249 per year. However, your Web host may include the certificate free of charge with certain hosting packages. Activating your SSL Certificate also provides you with a dedicated IP Address.

The QuickSSL Premium Certificate activates the browser’s “lock” icon and assures online visitors that confidential information cannot be intercepted by anyone other than the intended recipients. GeoTrust also provides your website with a Smart Seal, assuring online visitors that they will receive the highest level of encryption possible.

Dual Hosting

One major way to keep your website more secure is with geo-redundant Dual Hosting. With 1&1 Dual Hosting, for example, your website is simultaneously hosted on two separate server clusters in two geographically separate different data centers. If the first location is unexpectedly interrupted, your site will automatically continue running in the second location – without any data loss. Both locations are always in sync and immediately available with your live data. Also, there are no long downtimes due to maintenance work. Necessary maintenance measures can be carried out almost uninterrupted, so your information stays online while the systems are maintained.


The SiteLock patent-pending technology is designed specifically for small and mid-sized companies that rely on their websites for their business. From blogs and other content-driven sites to dynamic or e-commerce websites, SiteLock scans your site for malware, injections, and other threats and protects your online business.

Webspace Recovery Tool

Data protection is important – if you’ve ever overwritten or deleted something, you know it can be difficult, time consuming, and costly to get your data back.

1&1 Webspace Recovery offers you security and peace of mind for your data. With the ability to create backups for up to 6 days, restoration of your deleted or overwritten files is easy.  Select the restore point date of your backup, then find and restore as many files as necessary via an easy to use file browser. All restored files will be placed in a separate folder, from which you can then move the file back to your desired location.

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