Internet TV will soon hit mass market

(Ping! Zine) – Internet TV will soon hit the mass market as more consumers turn their backs on traditional sets and opt to view online, with global sales of internet enabled TVs predicted to reach over 90m by 2013, finds Business Insights.
According to a new report* by the industry and market analyst, the world is now entering the ‘era of internet TV’ with consumers expecting to be able to access their TV and video content from the internet. 

Richard Absalom, a Business Insights analyst, said: “The internet era of TV will create mass market reach with consumers looking for content to be delivered to them across many different devices, anytime and anywhere.
“User experience will be key to the market as consumers will expect the same quality viewing experience whether they are watching a TV, a PC or their mobile phone screen.
“For TV service operators the stakes are high and those that have a good strategy for converging content across various devices will attract new customers and generate new revenue streams.”
According to Absalom, Google and Apple will be the strongest players in the internet TV market across all three screens, although they will face major competition from TV and games consoles manufacturers.  
Meanwhile he believes that TV apps will soon become commonplace, propelling web-based services and mobile-like apps to the core of the TV viewing experience.
He said: “Global sales of internet enabled TV sets are forecast to reach over 90m by 2013, which gives an indication of the high demand for internet TV services. For service providers to exploit fully the upcoming potential, they need to instigate a strategic approach to the planning, creation and delivery of a multi-channel brand engagement plan.”