Interoute Obtains ISO 27001 Certification

(Ping! Zine Web Hosting Magazine) – Interoute, owner operator of Europe’s most advanced next-generation network, today announced it has obtained ISO 27001 certification for its Network Operations and Customer Contact Centre in Prague. The internationally recognised information security management standard demonstrates Interoute’s commitment to providing enterprises with secure solutions for their business critical data.
Levels of malware and corporate ICT threats are on the rise, with online fraud and hacking costing the British economy alone around £27bn a year, posing a very real risk to corporate IT assets. Interoute’s recently opened Operations Headquarters in City West Prague monitors data running across 60,000 kilometres of its fibre optic cable, in 72 countries. By attaining the ISO 27001 certification Interoute is ensuring that Prague’s Network Operations and Customer Contact Centre has best practice security management solutions to protect data in the cloud against ICT security risks.
“Businesses worldwide are coming up against the challenges of how to manage vast and growing amounts of critical data, and are turning to the cloud as a solution. However, they need to be confident that they are being given the right level of availability and security. Expanding the ISO 27001 accreditation to our new Prague Operations Centre, demonstrates our commitment to security management.” said Joe Stevens, Chief Security & Risk Officer at Interoute. “As owner of Europe’s largest private cloud, we understand the importance of security and the need to protect critical corporate data. Interoute’s Enterprise Security Management System, with the ISO 27001 certificate, gives enterprises the confidence to trust their critical data to our managed solutions.”
Interoute offers a full portfolio of secure solutions to enterprises, providing dedicated capacity and protected transmission products, MPLS VPN, DDoS protection, firewalls, Intrusion Detection and Protection Services, as well as secure managed hosting solutions. Interoute has adopted and integrated the ISO 27001 certification across its entire product portfolio and operations processes in order to maintain the security and quality objectives for its customers.