Interview with ISPsystem

(Ping! Zine Issue 39)Web hosting automation software has been a popular topic with industry giants over the last several years. With the right solution, hosting companies and service providers can implement hosting automation software quickly. But where do you go for an innovative, affordable, complete line of hosting automation software products?

You go to ISPsystem, a Russian based software development company that’s been delivering hosting automation software since 2004. To learn more about ISPsystem and their web hosting automation products, I interviewed Tatiana Shaidorova, Marketing Manager at ISPsystem. Like all my interviews, I was impressed with what ISPsystem is doing to help hosting companies automate their processes. At first I thought ISPsystem provided a couple of automation products, but it turns out they provide six hosting software products.

What does ISPsystem do?

“ISPsystem is a web hosting automation software development company that develops six hosting software products ranging from a hosting control panel to VPS management to IP-address management,” says Shaidorova. “Hosting companies favor ISPsystem products because of our lower prices and fast entry-to-market, making it more attractive to hosting companies that want to reduce expenses and increase profits.”

The ISPsystem hosting automation software line-up:

  • hosting control panel (ISPmanager)
  • hosting billing system (BILLmanager)
  • VPS management system (VDSmanager)
  • dedicated server management system (DSmanager)
  • slave name server management system (DNSmanager)
  • IP-address management system (IPmanager)

ISPsystem serves about 70,000 customers around the world not including partner clients and resellers. Partners and resellers can receive a discount up to 50%.

What is your best selling product?

According to Shaidorova, ISPsystem’s best selling product is ISPmanager, an easy to use and fully featured control panel with a user friendly interface for complete hosting automation. One of the greatest advantages is high efficiency with low system resources consumption.

“ISPmanager is easily installed without changing operating system configuration and the control panel can satisfy the requirements of both novice users and advanced server administrators,” says Shaidorova. “ISPmanager also provides multi-level access to administrative features for increased management flexibility and is updated regularly.”

ISPmanager allows you to manage your entire web server through a user friendly and comprehensive multi-language web interface. You can manage users, hosting packages, mail boxes, databases and much more from one centralized location using an intuitive interface. ISPmanager also provides multi-level access to administrative features for increased management flexibility. The multi-level system makes ISPmanager suitable for business web hosting and personal use.

ISPmanager is available in three versions: Lite, Pro and Cluster. ISPmanager enables companies to meet different challenges at affordable prices.

ISPmanager user hierarchy:

  • Administrator
  • Reseller (for ISPmanager Pro and Cluster)
  • User
  • FTP account
  • Mail account

ISPmanager is compatible with various operating systems including FreeBSD, Linux, and Windows (Lite only) and manages a wide range of third party software like Apache, Mailman, Awstate, MySQL, and other third party applications. ISPmanager is ideal for utilization. Hosting companies can automate shared hosting. Additionally, ISPmanager can be included in service packages for VPS and dedicated servers.

How is ISPsystem bringing innovation to the hosting industry?

“Recently, ISPsystem launched ISPmanager Cluster, a new product designed to build fault-tolerant, scalable systems for shared hosting,” says Shaidorova. “A cluster consists of several physical servers and distributes load and different functionalities among them.”

ISPmanager Cluster allows you to duplicate the various roles of different servers and continue providing service even when one server fails. ISPmanager Cluster’s web-based interface is based on ISPmanager Pro and offers a comprehensive list of features to improve any web hosting business. ISPsystem is constantly adding new features, functions, and improvements based on the needs of today’s fast-growing web hosting companies.

Why should hosting companies consider using ISPsystem?

“ISPsystem has a team of programmers dedicated to building the most advanced, easy-to-use, hosting automation software on the market,” says Shaidorova. “All ISPsystem products are integrated with each other for complete hosting automation. Hosting companies can use all ISPsystem products together from one company.”

Additionally, ISPsystem provides documentation, an active forums community, and a complete line of video demonstrations. When visiting the ISPsystem website, click on a camera icon next to a feature you want to learn about. A professional demonstration with voice and music will show you how easy it is to get started with ISPsystem products.

Getting started with ISPsystem

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