Interxion Delivers Increased Power Capacity

(Ping! Zine) – Interxion has recently announced the completion of additional medium-voltage switchgear to its central data hub in Frankfurt, Germany.
With a capacity of 14 megawatts of additional electricity the privately financed energy infrastructure will increase the power availability to Germany’s leading data hub, which Interxion has been operating for more than 11 years. The new power supply will not only benefit Interxion, but potentially other key industries in the region.
IT trends such as miniaturization, cloud computing and virtualization all require a well-developed energy infrastructure and a key part of this infrastructure is undoubtedly good power availability. In many cases the lack of power availability can become a serious stumbling block in the development and expansion of data centres, which in turn can impact the local economy as a whole.
Anthony Foy, Group Managing Director Interxion, commented: “This development is consistent with our strategy of continued growth, primarily driven by the recent above-average demand in the Financial Services and carrier industries in Frankfurt. To operate our business, we not only need space, but also adequate power capacities and the new medium voltage switchgear enables us to meet all of our customers’ infrastructure requirements. In addition, it is great to know that through this development we are able to support the growth of Frankfurt’s digital economy.”
Markus Frank, City Councillor and Head of the Department of Economic Affairs of the City of Frankfurt, said: “Previously, Frankfurt was famous for its perfectly-developed transport infrastructure with the Rhine-Main airport and its world class motorway network. Today the location is not only a leading logistical hub, but also a global data hub. With private sector involvement by companies such as Interxion, Frankfurt has built an elite digital infrastructure, which contributes directly to an increase in the value creation in the telecommunication, financial and creative industries.”

“Power is the fuel for every digital business,” explains Dr. Constantin H. Alsheimer, CEO of Mainova AG. “Having an uninterruptible power supply is not only good for the manufacturing industry, but becoming an increasingly important competitive factor for most sectors. Our company in partnership with Interxion, ensures that Frankfurt permanently stays as one of the leading digital economies in Germany and Europe as well as centre of excellence for business.”