Interxion Selects Sipartech to Interconnect its Data Centres

(Ping! ZIne Web Hosting Magazine) – Interxion, a leading European provider of carrier-neutral colocation data centre services, has chosen Sipartech, a neutral, dark-fibre-optic infrastructure operator in Paris and its surrounding region, to interconnect its data centres.

Sipartech has implemented a fibre optic infrastructure between Interxion’s six data centres located in Paris. The network built by Sipartech will enable Interxion data centres to be connected to existing and future data centres via short and secure routes.

“Dark fibre is a key issue for data centres in Paris, especially in terms of providing optimised and reliable routes for interconnecting the different data centres”, said Julien Santina, President and founder of Sipartech. “The fact that a key player such as Interxion has chosen Sipartech shows that we have the ability to execute large projects and that we can apply the necessary resources and expertise required to meet the challenges of building interconnection structures that support Interxion customers’ requirements”, commented Julien Santina.

Interxion connects its data centres to create campus environments in strategic business locations in 11 countries across Europe. The campus structure ensures that connectivity opportunities are maximised, allowing carriers, ISPs and Internet exchanges to have a presence in any one data centre and be available to every customer in the entire campus. This approach maximises customer choice, generates increased revenue opportunities for connectivity providers, and fosters the growth of interconnected customer communities.

Sipartech deployed two routes of 55 and 25 km fibre using two different infrastructures: civil engineering and sewers. Interxion customers can now benefit from the use of 144 dark fibre pairs, which are reserved for an initial ten-year period.

“The dark fibre network, designed and built by Sipartech, took into account the geographical distribution of our data centres in the Ile-de-France region and will allow us to offer our customers complete turnkey colocation solutions, orientated to high availability. To use a dynamic company such as Sipartech, which is responsive and attentive to our needs, means that we can meet our clients’ connectivity requirements quickly and efficiently”, commented Fabrice Coquio, Managing Director of Interxion France.

Sipartech hosts all of its primary connection nodes in Interxion’s data centres, allowing the creation of the shortest possible routes between Interxion’s data centres and other data centres in Paris.