Introducing the hiPhone 5! iPhone Copycat Hits Chinese Market

(Ping! Zine Web hosting Magazine) – Apple’s iPhone 5 has yet to be released, but it already has a potential competitor already available in China. It’s the hiPhone 5, a copycat phone that appears to be pretty similar to the famed smartphone.

Reuters recently reported on the new copycat phone, noting that its sell price is inexpensive (it goes for around $31 U.S. dollars). The report also noted an account of the device’s light weight.

The news shouldn’t come as a surprise. China’s market is notorious for cheaply made copycat electronics. Another copycat in China includes the Vii, a ripoff of the Nintendo Wii.

Meanwhile, China has been known to block access to popular gaming consoles along with some popular websites including Facebook, Twitter, and YouTube.

China recently made headlines when it closed down fake Apple Stores, unauthorized Apple retailers posing as the real thing. For more information on the HiPhone 5, visit:

You can also find further information and a picture of the hiPhone here on CNET: