Investing in Cloud, Acer Agrees to Buy iGware

(Ping! Zine Web Hosting Magazine) – One of the world’s top PC manufacturers is about to make a pretty big investment into cloud computing. In fact, it’s a $320 million dollar investment. According to a Reuters report, Acer has agreed to buy iGware, a cloud computing company.

iGware is based in California and offers various cloud services.

The move expands the Taiwanese-based company’s portfolio beyond just mostly offering hardware. It also gives Acer the ability to compete with other companies who have already progressed in the area.

Meanwhile, Chairman of Acer, J.T. Wang signaled that his company would be working with Nintendo after the deal, according to another Reuters report. iGware has worked with Nintendo in the past.

The transaction is just one of many recent acquisitions involving companies seeking to expand their portfolio with cloud offerings. Most recently Citrix expanded its own by purchasing