iOS 7 Launches for Apple iPhone & iPad Devices

iOS 7 Launches for Apple iPhone & iPad Devices(Ping! Zine Web Tech Magazine) – Today Apple officially launched iOS 7, its biggest overhaul to its mobile operating system ever.

iOS 7 was set to roll out for Apple devices including the iPhone and iPad, delivering new features such as a new control center, more multitasking, a motion-tracking background, photo filters for camera mode and a revamped version of Safari.

“The software is very different than where they’ve been. And the thing that is going to blow people’s mind is that it’s going to make it feel like they’re getting a new phone,” stated Yankee Group analyst Carl Howe in a report from the Los Angeles Times.

Apple initially detailed iOS 7 during June’s annual WWDC conference in San Francisco, California. Meanwhile, on Friday, the company is set to release two new iPhones including the 5S and 5C.