iOS 8 Rumored To Receive A September 10 Release Date

iOS 8 Rumored To Receive A September 10 Release Date (Ping! Zine Web Tech Magazine) – Apple users could be seeing the new iOS 8 operating system launching in less than a month, if recent rumors are to be believed.

A report from ChristianPost suggests that the tech giant could very well release the new OS on Wednesday, September 10th, which follows Apple’s usual pattern of iPhone releases on Tuesday, OS updates on Wednesday, and iPhone availability on Fridays.

If this is true then the highly anticipated iPhone 6 could be seeing a September 12th release date.

iOS 8 was announced during Apple’s annual WWDC conference in June, alongside the unveiling of Mac OS X Yosemite.

The new update will add a number of new features such as WiFi calling for T-Mobile users, an updated version of Siri integrated with a music recognition system, improved cloud storage, family sharing of up to six members, more advanced features in spotlight, addition of quick type in the keyboard, a new Health app, and new additions in iMessage such as location sharing and a Snapchat like feature that erases audio and video messages after a certain time period.